Nitrox Diving Training Learn how to dive with enriched air safely!

With this quick one-day nitrox dive course, you will learn the basics of safe diving with Basic Nitrox. Nitrox is simply oxygen-enriched air, which reduces the amount of nitrogen absorbed and thus reduces the stress associated with decompression. Nitrox offers you more comfort and safety when diving at shallow depths: dive time can be safely increased with less decompression.

Advanced or Confirmed Nitrox / PNC Learn to juggle the mixes for better decompression.

This 2-day training, available if you already have a first nitrox qualification, will enable you to be able to safely use oxygen enriched air in any percentage. Certification TDI or French diving school.

You will learn the handling of a Nitrox-filled decompression bottle (from 50% to 99%) to plan a dive using several mixes

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