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Aquadomia, your diving school specialising in customized accelerated diving training and diving courses in Marseille In the National Park of the coves, you propose to start your training in theory of the Ponge free from home before you start your scuba diving course in Marseille, whether for a Dive Training Level 1, an internship in Dive Training Level 2, a diving course Level 3, a session of Level 4 Dive Training or a Nitrox Diving Training or an internship in Scuba Diving trimix.

To be successful in your training and to get the most out of the diving training during your dive, we recommend that you use these free theoretical scuba diving courses in order to make your dive level easier. ! Your diving course will become a breeze, partly thanks to these online scuba diving courses that allow you to study from home when you want the whole theory of scuba diving.

We wish you a good learning of your diving course, hoping to see you very soon on our diving sites in Marseille in the National Park of the creeks for a diving training of successful quality. Find all our tips and tricks and Dive information on our Youtube channel Aquadomia


VIDEO : Briefing 1st dive

VIDEO: The complete Level 1 theory course in video. 20 minutes to know everything!

VIDEO: The complete Open Water diving theory course in video. 1 hour to know everything!

VIDEO: Skills to learn

Click here: Scuba Diving courses Open Water


Click here: MN90 Tables for training level 2 3 4 

Click here: Advanced Diving Courses

Click here: Diving course Level 2 (see also tables MN90)

NEW: The complete Level 2 theory course on video. 25 minutes to know everything!


Click here for more information: First Aid Training: Courses RIFAP

Click here: Scuba Diving Course Rescue

Sport Code 2012

Click here: Diving course Level 3 (see also Tables MN90)

NEW: The full course of Theory Level 3 dive into video. 20 minutes to find out!

Click here: Scuba Diving Courses 

Click here: Mediterranean: Guide to species

Click below to see examples of pictures of the different branches:

Algae – Sponges – To – Bryozoans – Cnidaria – Echinoderms – Molluscs – Arthropods – Ascidians – Fish


Click here: Level 4 diving course

TRAINING MIX, TEAK & rebreather

Click here : Nitrox diving course

Course Nitrox Diving confirms - Course Deco procedure – Courses Extended Range TDI

Click here: training manual rebreather CCR APDiving Inspiration

Click here: rEvo training manual

 Diving training: cTrimix Diving Bear

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These scuba diving courses are freely available to you, they are for us legitimately in the public domain.

They are the fruit of personal work of Aquadomia monitors and compilation of freely accessible contributions on the net.

We apologize in advance to those who believe that part of their creation has been reproduced here without their permission, and we invite them to appear in this case in order to include their references on our site.

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