Become a diving instructor: How to train in the business of diving instructor E1 E2 E3 BPJEPS DEJEPS DESJEPS, diving instructor OWSI?

To become a diving instructor, whether according to French or American standards, you have to pass the first 4 levels for which a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks is necessary if you are excellent, totalize 100 dives and then do a training of Monitor that can be done in 2 weeks to monitor abroad or several months if you want to teach in France.


Before you consider becoming a dive instructor, ask yourself the question first:

Become a diving instructor.... Why do you do it? To make it a full-time job? In France? Abroad? To train and teach or just to take a ride with certified divers? To eventually take a sabbatical or a second career after retirement? Just to train your spouse, your children?

Aquadomia has developed for beginners intensive formulas 4 weeks to pass the first three levels of diving (preformation sacaphandirer or DEJEPS) or 6 weeks to switch from beginner to professional dive guide dive Master!


Whatever your choice to become a dive instructor you have to pass the first two levels and as long as you have to combine the Levels 1 And Level 2 Diving French and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or SDI. Allow 5 days for the Level 1 and advanced If you are good sportsman, 7 to 8 days for Level 1 and Level 2 (plus 3 days break if everything is chained).
Then it all depends on your choice:

1 – Volunteer Monitor (small depth) – You just want to volunteer beginner training (up to 6 meters) in France to friends: Orient yourself to theInitiator. After making the RIFAP First Aid and stored 12 dives in autonomy or about a week, you can consider the 7 days of training for the initiator.

2 – Pro Guide abroad, remuneratable outside France – You want to frame divers abroad by being remunerated: then become dive master pari or SDI. You will first need to pass the emergency first response EFR or RIFAP rescue Diploma and the Rescue diver In three days. Finally after a total of 40 dives you will be able to pass the dive master in a week of days: That's it you are professional!

Better, in order to learn how to also manage deep diving with decompression, you can consider making our formula Level 3 French and Dive Master Over two weeks if you are level 2 with 40 dives, a top training!

3– Volunteer Guide in France – You want to volunteer to frame, you will then have to pass the RIFAP first aid and the Level 3 In 4 to 6 days then the Level 4 In two internships of 3 to 4 days and a 2 day exam with a theoretical and personal physical preparation. Note: Level 4 can also give place on request to the equivalence professional Diver Class 2 mention B, which allows to work in archaeology, census, shooting...

An ideal compromise if you are N3, our training Level 4 + Dive Master SDI Allows you both to become a volunteer guide in France and a pro-remunerated guide abroad.

4 – Pro Monitor abroad, remuneratable outside France – You want to be an instructor and employable anywhere in the world outside of France, then become OWSI InstructorOpen Water Scuba Instructor, after having completed the Level 4 or Dive Master... It will take you 10 days minimum, and you will have to total a total of 100 mini dives before integrating this training.

5 – Volunteer Instructor in France – You want to be a volunteer instructor in France: After level 4 do an initial internship of one week and then a Training Course A month and then a final internship with a one week exam and you are MF1 – Federal 1 ° degree instructor – if you are good, allowing you to teach volunteer up to 40 meters.  If teaching up to 20 meters is enough for you, you should be satisfied with the initiator.

6 – Pro Monitor in France -You want to be a remunerative monitor in France. You must become BPJEPS, DEJEPS or DESJEPS – understand professional patent (diving guide up to 40 meters limited in training at 6 meters and in 2016 at 20 meters), State Diploma (the heart of craft Diploma you need to pass) and Higher State diploma: You Must then after level 4 totalize 100 dives, then pass the PSE1 first aid that is done in 5 days and the coastal boat permit that you can go fast on 2 days then finally do 10 months in CREPS.

A good compromise to work all over the world: Spend theOWSI SDI or SSI then after working 2 years at Abroad in Europe, ask for the right to practise in France.

In summary to become a diving instructor: to be able to baptize friends in a club in France do level 2 and the initiator. To be able to take people on a ballad in France make the Levels 1 2 3 4 and possibly the initiator. To be able to take a ride abroad do the rescue or level 3 and the dive master PADI or SDI. To be able to train abroad make the instructor OWSI. In order to be able to work in France do DEJEPS or ask for the right to practice after working for 2 years abroad in Europe, justified by contract of employment and pay slips.

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