Pre-Dive Instructor training


Pre-training Instructor dive in 4, 6, 8 weeks at Level 3 PA60 , Dive Master PADI or SDI  And Level 4

The intensive and demanding formula for beginners who wish to become professional!

For you, the best of the training of American and French schools assembled in a unique formula that will eventually allow you to follow a training instructor diving.

Become a leisure diving professional and an expert who is ready for depth.

  • In 4 weeks, we will train you at levels 1, 2, diving first aid and Level 3 PA60 which will allow you to integrate in the following trainings of Diving instructor Pro DEJEPS or diver with additional dive tests equivalent to a Level 4 exam.
  • In 6 weeks, we will train you in addition to the dive Master PADI or SDI which will allow you to be a professional diving guide abroad
  • In 8 weeks, we will train you in addition to level 4 guide of dive which will allow you to volunteer in France to frame exploration dives and to go into training DEJEPS or diver with complementary tests of entry lightened

If you feel that you are made for diving and want to make it a trade this formula is for you! But beware do not delude yourself you will need a great physical condition and a steel morale to support such an intense training that will not spare you! If you are not sure you better start wisely by a first level.

But after all if you feel sure of yourself... try your Luck!

With the 4, 6 or 8 week dive instructor training that trains you at all levels of diving in a combined way until Level 3 PA60 And Dive Master And  Level 4 Diving you will embark on a course that will take your diving expertise to a whole new level. You will become a professional dive guide who can work abroad. Afterwards you can follow a OWSI Diving Instructor Training (prerequisite: Dive Master or Level 4, 100 dives, Level 1 more than 6 months old) or a French DEJEPS diving instructor course (in CREPS only).

You will learn to control stress in depth, to manage your decompression, your orientation and your air supply, to intervene on a diver in difficulty, to frame divers, to set up security, to carry out the mapping of a site, and to assist an instructor. To follow this training optimally, a very good physical condition is preferable as well as a good hygiene of life, coupled with rapid assimilation capabilities.

At the end of this training, you will be able to immerse yourself with one or two persons of the same level up to 60 meters (the maximum regulatory limit of the air diving) and work abroad as a diving guide thanks to your certification Dive Master PADI or SDI, the most requested certification in the recreational diving industry, and also request professional diver equivalence (required for aquaculture, census, archaeology..) with your level 4 French.

How far will you go?


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