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Tailor-made accelerated Marseille diving training.
Diving school in Marseille 5⭐, organisme de formation professionnelle certifié qualité et formation scaphandrier mention B.
Private lessons, dates of your choice during the week. Tel : +33 (0)680675805


Discover our training courses on the dates of your choice during the week.

Formation plongeur niveau 1 2 3 4 école de plongée françaises et US du débutant au moniteur de plongée loisirs et Tek à Marseille et plongeur professionnel scaphandrier mention B

Sales and training centre rebreather

Help in choosing: better than a test, a pre-training! 

Your rebreather: an opportunity to multiply your diving pleasure. To decide which rebreather(Inspiration APDiving, ccr rEvo, or Mares Horizon) to choose, opt for our pre-training and validate your choice while actually starting your training.

By taking advantage of our pack sale offer rebreather+ training, you make a winning investment with Aquadomia. You are buying more than sophisticated equipment, you are buying a new way of diving that will blow your mind for a long time!

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Organization for Continuing Vocational Training

Certifié Qualiopi et formation de plongeur professionnel mention B.

with Aquadomia, specialist in customized accelerated training 

Tel: +33(0)680675805


Do you have a vocational training, specialization or retraining project?

If you are a company director, self-employed or undergoing retraining, you can benefit from partial or complete financial support.

ANODIA - Aquadomia is a professional training organization number 93131277613 registered with the DIRECTORATE - Certified QUALIOPI.

qualiopi certified dive training
qualiopi certified dive training
qualiopi certified dive training

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Your dream dive training, our mission. How far will you go?

Formation plongée sous-marine Marseille accélérée sur mesure tous niveaux de plongée. Du débutant au moniteur de plongée et à l’instructeur TEK TDI  et plongeur professionnel mention B dans le Parc National des Calanques, en cours privés. Formation recycleur CCR rEvo et Inspiration APdiving, SCR Horizon Mares.

Quality assurance training with Vincent and Bruno, SSI and TDI Instructor Trainer, Bees2 / Mf2, Qualiopi certification.

Your diving training in Marseille adapted to your schedule, on the dates of your choice.

We put our values of trust – reliability – respect – positive dialogue at your service to succeed your dream of underwater training, from beginner to instructor. Diver Training Level 1 2 3 4. Open Water Padi Training SSI, SDI Open Water, Advanced, Rescue. Dive Master Training PADI dive SSI SDI, diving instructor training, Tek dive? Start Diving Progress in diving, become a pro in diving, follow a specialty diving course or Dive TEK Trimix in Marseille ? Our scuba diving courses in Marseille are realized all year round on the dates of your choice! 

Achieve your goal of progress in scuba diving in Marseille

Aquadomia Vocational Training Organisation n° 93131276613 - Vincent Défossez, coach formateur fondateur et Bruno Scheerlinck, instructeurs trainer co-gérants, certification Qualiopi et mention B.

dive training
Simple: choose your training at any dive level at the dates of your choice in the Calanques National Park!

With Aquadomia diving school, specialist in accelerated training on the dates of your choice, you benefit from private diving courses in mini groups or private lessons. Your diving course for your teaching Diving in Marseille is in the best possible conditions to facilitate your learning to dive with your expert diving instructor.

Your training in Marseille with Aquadomia takes place when you want, on the dates of your choice. With a diving instructor who will give you personalized diving lessons during your diving course, you will (re)discover the Diving in Marseille in the National Park of the Creeks.

Choose your diving course in Marseille. Register for a diving course in Level 1 Training diving, to pass your Padi in Marseille, to do a Level 2 TrainingYes level 2 training and Rescue Diverto progress with a Dive Stage Level 3to follow diving course level 4 to become a dive guide and then diving instructor or pass your Padi / SDI levels with a Advanced pad trainingi, a Rescue Diver Trainings, the Dive Master Dive Course.

Réalisez votre rêve plongée ! Jusqu'où irez-vous ? Formation TEK et formation PRO plongée Marseille par Vincent Défossez et Bruno Scheerlinck, vos coachs Instructeur trainer Bees2 / Desjeps, certification Qualiopi et mention B

The speciality of Aquadomia diving school is to realize your dream of underwater training. For this we offer a wide range of training Beginner to Diving Instructor. We also train at the Dive TEK With the rebreather Training, training Nitrox, training Trimix, we also offer the specialities photo, biology, Wreck, caves...

With Aquadomia, you benefit from a rare expertise that allows you to tailor the dates of your choice to your sub-aquatic training course in Marseille.  Whether for an individual project or a Continuing Vocational Training Project...trust us! Aquadomia.com managed by Vincent Défossez and Bruno Scheerlinck is the first diving school to have obtained the CNEFOP and QUALIOPI certification. Discover our Quality Plan Vocational Training

You dream of Become a Dive Instructor ? With our tailor-made training methodology in Marseille, you can fulfill your dream.  Become a dive instructor with our diving courses to become professional with your OWSI SDI instructor and your Tek TDI instructor training, or to become a diving instructor in France: Diving Initiator TrainingInternship Educational Instructor Federal... It is up to you to choose your training in Marseille, the Aquadomia diving school takes care of you! To learn more and follow Aquadomia news, you can also Visit our Dive blog.

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FREE Guide: Learn to Dive - Tips and Tricks

The FREE "Learn to Dive - Tips and Tricks" guide gives you some tips from the experience of a diving instructor. These tips will allow you to better understand and approach the fundamentals of scuba diving as you learn and improve your skills.

Aquadomia, the diving school for all in Marseille!

Do you want to learn about scuba diving or spend your Padi or rather its SSI equivalent? Are you an aficionado of the deep and want to turn your passion into a profession? With Aquadomiayou choose the Training You will be able to choose the diving course that suits you best, depending on the certification you wish to acquire.

Baptism but rather a day ofinitiationpractice of the snorkelling in more advanced free diving or apnea mode, Training express Level 1, course d'apneacourse for beginners, approach to the profession of diver, Training to become diving instructor Yes Diving instructorWhatever your expectations or your project, the centre Diving Aquadomia provides you with an adapted and targeted response.

What services does Aquadomia Dive School offer?

The Aquadomia diving centreis the combination of a Training for adults or teenagers of different quality and diversity according to levels and expectations and the opportunity to dive in the waters of the Calanques National Park in Marseille.

For beginners, Aquadomia offers you the opportunity to discover the world of diving by a day ofinitiationa programme of Training express to pass your Padior rather its SSI equivalent, the Level 1 de divingand a range of trainings for all those who wish to learn about the practice of scuba diving.

If you want to take your Trainingto acquire all the fundamentals that will make you a diver or if you aspire to a career change by becoming a professional diving instructors, the trainings Aquadomia enable you to achieve the highest level of qualification.

Level 2 Training over 4 days, formation level 3 diving, further training buoyancy, deep dive trainingreview Level 4 diving, instructor training, so many training courses that you can adapt according to your availability, your abilities and your projects.

Whether you are driven by purely leisurely aspirations or whether you want to engage in a genuinelearnings, the course of theAquadomia diving school à Marseille meet all your expectations.

Whether you want to learn, progress or improve, you will find all the possibilities of Training to theAquadomia diving school in Marseille.

Why choose Aquadomia to learn to scuba dive?

Programme Padi or rather the equivalent Ssi, Training for the trades of the diving, course d'apnea, initiation and pre-training diverlearning the technique of snorkelling and freedivingfor any given theme, with Aquadomiayou are in the hands of trainers experienced and accredited providers of curriculum de Training quality, from intensive sessions to course private, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Choosing to be accompanied by Aquadomiais the certainty of a Training and the extraordinary opportunity to practice the scuba diving in a magnificent place, the waters of the Parc des Calanques in Marseille.

What more beautiful setting to learn or to be initiated to the diving ?

Whether you are an individual who wants to learn about scuba diving or a professional in search of further training, Aquadomia offers you to choose the Training and slots of your choice to become diver de Level 12, 3, or 4, from beginner to tek diver and diving instructor  or Tek diving instructor in Marseille.

 Excellence in diving training with Aquadomia!

You have a dream to discover scuba diving ? Do you want to enjoy a simple first dive or rather an initiation or to train more precisely and be able to enjoy this unique underwater activity? Do you want to achieve a high level de diving practice ?

For all these reasons and more, theAquadomia diving school responds to your needs by offering you a catalogue of trainings diversifiées pour convenir à tous les adults whatever their personal or professional projects.

Where can I find a diving school for a tailor-made crash course?

Aquadomia is a diving school qwhich offers tailor-made training in course private or collective by trainers certified.

Our professional training organisation is aimed at adults and teenagers, beginners or more experienced in the practice of scuba diving to get through the various dive levelsto acquire the skills and certification to become recreational diving instructor Yes Tek diving instructor or improve their skills in the various related activities of the diving.

The diversity of trainings provided in our Aquadomia centre in Marseille allows you to address all facets of the scuba diving the passage of your Padi or rather its SSI equivalent until the certification of diving instructor through the waterproof traininghow to become Scuba Diving GuideThe further training buoyancy, the Training diving first aid, training wreck divingThe internship of deep diving, the course exploration of underwater caves or even the trainings of underwater biology and ecology.

A wealth of apprenticeships and training programmes for all those who are interested in the diving that we provide through theeducation de professional trainers and certified.

What are the diving courses offered by Aquadomia?

Although the practice of scuba diving is a fun, playful and rewarding activity, it should not be forgotten that practising it in perfect conditions and in total safety requires a learning complete on both the practice than on the theoretical.

The Aquadomia centre revolutionizes the diving training for adults and teenagers by enabling you to acquire the fundamentals theoretical directly from your home thanks to online diving course adapted to all levels.

Have the acquired theory of scuba diving before your diving courseyour practical training Level 1 Yes PadiYour course Diving Ssi level 2, a diving session level 3, a diving course Level 4a underwater pre-training or a course de further trainingis first and foremost to know the various technical data and safety rules that will allow alearning more effective when the time for the practice will come.

During our days of Training practice of scuba divingWe invite you to the gates of the Calanques National Park in Marseille for a day at sea during which we do a series of dives.

It is a training day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for an intensive learning of the techniques and practical gestures to adopt in diving.

Programme Padi Yes Ssi, Training for the trades of the diving, course d'apnea, initiation diverlearning the technique of snorkellingfor any given theme, with Aquadomiayou are in the hands of trainers experienced and accredited providers of curriculum de Training quality, from intensive sessions to course private, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Choosing to be accompanied by Aquadomiais the certainty of a Training and the extraordinary opportunity to practice the scuba diving in a magnificent place, the waters of the Parc des Calanques in Marseille.

AQUADOMIA-ANODIA has been passionately supporting future diving professionals for more than 15 years.

References Training :
  • Vincent Defossez: BEES2 / MF2 / Desjeps - Diver Class IIB - SDI/TDI Trainer - Certified Coach
  • Bruno Scheerlicnk: BEES2 / Desjeps - IIB Class Diver - SSI Trainer - CREPS PACA Intervener - Mental Preparer

Trust - Respect - Reliability - Positive Dialogue

Diving training - pre-training scuba diver

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