Personal Data protection policy

Personal Data protection policy

By filling out an order or reservation form or request for information, you agree to receive personalized marketing offers by email from Aquadomia in accordance with the data protection policy.  You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in all emails. "

  1. Preamble

Thank you for visiting one of our AQUADOMIA websites.

At AQUADOMIA, we understand that the privacy of visitors to our web sites is very important and that information about your business is particularly tricky. That is why we have taken the necessary measures to comply with the conditions relating to the protection of your personal data.

By this policy of protection of personal data, AQUADOMIA, responsible for processing, undertakes to treat your personal data with all the care required and exclusively for the legitimate purposes for which they were collected, in accordance The principles of AQUADOMIA, the computer law and freedoms of 6 January 1978 amended, the Law of the European Union and more broadly all the legal provisions in force.

This policy describes how AQUADOMIA is committed to collecting, using and protecting your personal data.

  1. What is the purpose of your data collection?

The purposes of each processing of your personal data are described and defined at the time of collection of your data. This is especially the case when you register on one of our sites or when you decide to subscribe to one of our newsletters. A description of the objectives of the treatments implemented will be provided when you fill in the personal data so that you understand clearly the reasons why we use them.

AQUADOMIA is committed to treating your personal data in strict compliance with the purposes described. The latter were brought to the attention of our computer correspondent and liberties, who entered them in his register of treatments.

In no event will AQUADOMIA use your personal data for any other purpose.

  1. What categories of data are collected?

The personal data that AQUADOMIA collects are only the data necessary for the realization of the objectives of the courses implemented. AQUADOMIA is committed not to collect more data than necessary.

When you decide to provide us with some of your personal data through the site collection forms, some fields are marked with an asterisk. This asterisk indicates that the data must be filled in order to be able to use the service offered to you by AQUADOMIA.

Failing to fill in the corresponding fields, you will not be able to use the services offered (examples: subscription to newsletters, inscription on the sites, publication of comments etc.).

Other data not marked with an asterisk are not required to be filled in, they are optional data.

  1. Who is the recipient of your data?

Access to your personal data is strictly limited to the persons empowered and determined by AQUADOMIA. These persons are those who, by their function, are legitimate to be communicated your data in order to realize the purposes that will have you previously described: your registration and your participation in the training Aquadomia.

Your personal data will never be sold, shared, communicated or transferred to a third party not identified by this data protection policy.

  1. How long are your data stored?

Your personal data is kept only the time necessary for the realization of the purposes for which they were collected.

In view of the purposes described on the collection form, your personal data will be kept until the end of the event.

Once this has elapsed, your data will be archived in accordance with the applicable legal rules.

  1. How are your data secured?

AQUADOMIA protects your personal data by establishing means of physical and logical security to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, loss and destruction.

However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the computer you are using is securely secured and protected against malicious software such as Trojans and viruses. You are informed that without adequate security measures (examples: secure configuration of your Web browser, updating anti-virus programs, firewall software, not using software from dubious sources etc.), you Run the risk that the data and passwords you use to protect your data can be disclosed to unauthorized third parties.

  1. What rights do you have on your data and how to contact us?

In accordance with the Law on computers and freedoms of January 6, 1978 in its applicable version, AQUADOMIA informs you that you have a right of access and a right of rectification to the personal data we collect.

You also have a right to object to the processing of your personal data for legitimate reasons.

To exercise any of these rights, please send your request to the IT correspondent and liberties AQUADOMIA by using one of the following coordinates:

Mail: AQUADOMIA 3 Place Mignard 13009 Marseille Phone: 0680675805.

  1. What are cookies and how to manage them?

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to your computer, smartphone or tablet through your Internet browser. Cookies are stored on your terminal's hard drive (computer, smartphone or tablet) when you visit our site. Cookies allow AQUADOMIA to recognize you during your next visits to the site.

Cookies can be temporary (session cookies) or permanent. Session cookies are active the time of your visit only and deleted when you close the browser. Permanent cookies remain on your terminal's hard drive when you leave the site and remain there until you manually delete them or the browser purges them after a certain delay.

AQUADOMIA uses analytical performance cookies to monitor the performance of its websites, for example to determine the number of times a page is viewed and the number of unique users on its web site. Web Analytics Services can be designed and operated by third parties. The information provided by these cookies allows to analyze the types of behavior of the users and are used to optimize the experience of the user or to identify the parts of the website which may require interventions of Maintenance. The information is anonymous and is only used for statistical purposes.

AQUADOMIA uses third-party solutions (including Google analytics) to collect information about site visitors through these cookies. This information can be used by the vendors of these solutions.

How do I manage and disable cookies?

Most browsers are set up to accept cookies used on our websites. However, you can set these settings to disable cookies. The following links will give you explanations on how to set your browser's cookie settings:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari on IOS

However, when you disable cookies, consider that some graphics may not display correctly or that you will not be able to use certain applications.

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