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Professional training diving to become framing or instructor in diving: your dream becomes reality!

To coach teaching in diving, you have to have a good diver experience. From the Level 2 You can become Initiator And to teach volunteers in France to train divers up to six meters (or even 20 meters if you are in addition to level 4) under the responsibility of a diving director.

To guide divers who are already certified without delivering training, you need to pass the  Dive Master  first professional level offered in professional diving training to officiate only abroad, possibly against payment (this level is not recognised in France). For France you will need to be Level 4 Dive Guide To be able to frame divers voluntarily under the responsibility of a diving director. It is this same level 4 that you will be required to have the equivalence Scaphandirer Class 2 mention B or to present to the state formations of paid monitor in France (BPJEPS or DEJEPS).

To be able to teach abroad, you will be able to post your level 4 or your dive Master and a minimum of 100 dives to direct you to a Professional Instructor Diving Training So-called open Water scuba instructor, OWSI, which can teach all the diving levels of the open water at the dive Master.

Vocational training diving: Aquadomia is a professional training organisation

N ° 93 13 12766 13 in PACA Prefecture. This registration is not worth the state's approval. Find here our Quality Plan for vocational training

Give yourself the means to realize your dream by changing your life with a job that is difficult and challenging but exciting, the profession of diving instructor! It is possible with professional training diving.

For your professional diving training, we accompany you to the dates of your choice to give you the skills of scuba diving guide, scuba instructor or OWSI scuba diver. To work abroad or in France, our professional scuba diving guide dive, diving instructor and scuba diver are of course focused on your qualities of techniques and pedagogy, but also on the management of the customer relationship and Marketing and the sale of benefits.

Diving training Marseille National Park of the coves. Professional Diving Training

Diving guides, diving instructors and diving instructors can be taken into account as part of your continuing vocational training project. If you already have a minimum dive experience (PADI advanced level minimum), contact us to establish your dive professional training file!

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