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5* diving school, accelerated diving training on demand.

Diving school in Marseille tous niveaux.  Sca Ffessm 1213016C – SSI 5* Dive Center – TDI/SDI 5* Dive Center 1002938- Ecole PADI – SSI – Organisme formation professionnel 93131276613 certifié Qualiopi et BCS

Votre Ecole de plongée Aquadomia basée à Marseille Parc des calanques au Port de la pointe rouge vous propose toutes les formations plongées sur mesure. Aquadomia est organisme de formation professionnelle, qui a été le premier à avoir obtenu la certification qualité ICPF & PSI, gage de sérieux et professionnalisme, puis la certificationQualiopi.

Que ce soit pour les formations françaises ou américaines, loisirs ou TEK,  nous vous formons du débutant au moniteur de plongée loisirs et Tech et au scaphandrier mention B. Tout cela sur mesure  aux dates de votre choix en cours privés en semaine avec un stage de plongée sous-marine convivial, en mini-groupe.

The purpose of your Scuba diving school is to make scuba training accessible to people who want to give themselves the means to succeed. With real professionals available and experienced you benefit from a high quality diving training, without being dependent on training schedules.

We like to keep things simple and that's why we operate with the concept "Click and Dive": Just click to get your dive training Quality at the dates of your choice.

Your Aquadomia diving school is a diving academy that positions itself as an innovator in scuba diving training and as a success accelerator.  The Aquadomia school is client-driven, and puts Training in the service of man and his environment.

The name of the Ecole divers AQUADOMIA is a brand created in 2005 which is managed by the company ANODIA in Marseille. ANODIA means both the positive pole (ANODE) of the Dialogue (DIA) and also corresponds to the contraction of AnoTher DiVe HASCcess. The name Aquadomia was created to translate the serious training will of the diving school, with a qualitative relationship of proximity with its interns during the diving courses in Marseille.

We believe in the value of people and support. In order to offer you the best service, I select a few partner dive centres based on quality and comfort criteria. These centres provide the necessary logistics for our diving school.

Our goal is to bring you satisfaction through the Diving School by sharing our enthusiasm for the underwater world, by bringing you high quality personalised dive training as we have already done with over 1000 clients in dive training.

We put The values Aquadomia of Positive Dialogue, Respect, trust and reliability Serving your goals to help you develop your potential in our diving school.

Positive Dialogue: Not a priori, our strength is to listen to you and to believe in your potential by valuing your qualities and working on your points of improvement.

Respect: We respect both your expectations, your goals, your opinions and the environment in which you operate. As such, our first quality is that of listening in order to understand your needs. Our strong point is also to allow ourselves to say "no" to any project that does not conform to this value of respect for man and the environment.

Reliability: "Say what we do and do what we say". AQUADOMIA is committed to fulfilling its commitments, with no false promises, both in terms of time, price and quality.

Trust: First of all, trusting your potential and your resources are the cornerstones of our positive approach. Then speak true in full transparency to gain your confidence and succeed your accompaniment.

Share these values with us today!

The operating principles of the Aquadomia Diving School, based on the economy of functionality, the innovative notion of non-ownership and sustainable development, have earned it the label entrepreneurs of the future, and its seriousness the Qualiopi qualification.

We are realizing our dream of living from our passion, and we would like to invite you to share it in our Aquadomia Diving School.

Vincent Défossez and Bruno Scherrlinckmanagers



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