Diving level 3 and dive master PADI SSI SDI training

Diving training PADI SDI SS1 N3 Divemaster

Combined training diving level 3 PA60 and dive master

The preferred formula of experienced levels 2 who wish to become professional!

For you, the best of the American and French formations assembled in a unique formula with a diving course gathering the necessary plunge courses.

Become a recreational diving professional and a depth-ready expert with this PADI SSI SDI dive master and level 3 dive course.

You happens to want to share your passion for diving and to go to exotic destinations to accompany divers to discover the wonders underwater? Don't you dream of practicing your passion while earning your living? Are you not seduced by the prospect of being trained to be fit for autonomy beyond 40 meters and up to 60 meters deep?

With the combined training of diving level 3 and dive Master, you engage in a dive training of two weeks minimum with a diving course that will make you a prodigious leap forward in your expertise of diving, with courses of Full dive.

During your dive training level 3 and dive Master you will learn to control the stress in depth, to manage your decompression, your orientation and your air supply, to intervene on a diver in difficulty, to frame divers, to put in Places security, to carry out the mapping of a site, as well as to assist an instructor. To follow this double dive training level 3 and dive master optimally, with an experience that must include at least 45 dives, you will devote a minimum of 10 to 15 days to assimilate the diving courses Level 3 and dive master to remove the The best of the American and French training systems.

At the end of this dive level 3 and dive master PADI SSI SDI, you will be able to dive in full autonomy with one or two persons of the same level up to 60 meters (the maximum regulatory limit of the air diving) and work abroad thanks to your PADI dive master certification, the most demanded certification in the recreational diving industry.

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