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Intro to Cave training - underground caving



  • INTRO TO CAVE caving training. Private course

This INTRO TO CAVE speleology course is essential for those who want to enter underground caves safely. It is strongly recommended to become a Level 4 Guide, Divemaster Yes Instructor !

Prerequisite: Level 2 experienced with minimum 50 dives + Intro to Tek and Cavern.. You must present a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of diving on arrival. A general practitioner is sufficient. You must have made at least 2 recent dives.

Materials needed Two cylinders with two regulators - it is suggested that one regulator be mounted on a hose of approximately 2 metres in length - Two sharp objects - A safety reel with a minimum of 37 metres of guideline - A primary reel of a length suitable for the intended dive - Three lights with a range suitable for the duration of the intended dive - A slate or wet notes and pencil - Submersible dive tables or a back-up dive computer (recommended) - A dry suit recommended

Progress underground Intro to cave caving training

Lors de votre formation vous faites 4 à 8 plongées souterraines dans deux sites, soit à Marseille et environs, soit dans le Lot ou à Bourg Saint Andéol, ou dans les Cénotes au Mexique lors de l’université d’hiver

Program of your underground diving course Intro to cave

  1. Proper planning of each dive
  2. Checking and homogeneity of equipment
  3. Check leaks possible (bubble check)
  4. Specific Propulsion Techniques
  5. Correct buoyancy
  6. Correct body Position
  7. Stress detection and management

The following exercises must be correctly performed in caves by the trainees:

  1. Use the reel and the Ariane wire
  2. Follow the Ariadne's thread with your eyes open and closed; Simulation Loss of visibility
  3. Sharing air with a pair of eyes open following the Ariane thread.
  4. Sharing air with binomial with eyes closed using the touch communication by following the breadcrumb.
  5. Remove and replace the mask by keeping contact with the Ariane wire.
  6. Perform light, contact and visual signals
  7. Explore the Cave
  8. Catch of Landmarks (emergency navigation)
  9. Anti-Vase Techniques
  10. Simulate main lighting failure, setting in action emergency lighting
  11. If using a two-outlet faucet, air/gas volume management
  12. Lost diver and lost thread exercises

The price of your private underground diving course includes

  • The management of your training by a professional of high level, Desjeps and instructor trainer,
  • 4 à 8 plongées de formation sur deux sites ou plus
  • Learning the theory through our e-learning courses online,
  • Your civil liability insurance during the training.

The rate of your caving Private course training does not include

  • The Certification card  TDI Yes ANMP
  • Accommodation and meals,
  • Sunscreen and shower products,
  • The optional rental of personal equipment,
  • Logistical costs, gas and accommodation
  • Private tuition supplements


- Personalized interactive training - Training by experienced state-qualified instructors. - Individualized training or in mini groups (generally 2 or 3 per instructor, exceptionally 4 maximum). - The time spent exploring ensures that participants can effectively assimilate the various concepts presented. - Participants can work on the theory on their personal documents.

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