Training Instructor Diving OWSI SDI

Training Instructor Diving OWI SDI


Training Instructor Diving OWSI SDI: Become an international diving instructor!

The diving school Aquadomia in Marseille offers you the course of diving instructor which will allow you to work anywhere in the world abroad by obtaining the Diploma of Instructor OWSI (Open Water Scuba instructors, understand monitor in the middle Natural) of the American system CTSR: Recreational Scuba training Council which belong to the 3 majors PADI, SSI and SDI.

We propose to the map of instructor trainings OWSI SDI. These OWSI SDI Instructor trainings are highly recommended to be able to teach anywhere in the world.

AQUADOMIA MARSEILLE organizes your training instructor Diving OWSI SDI in private course

The immense advantage of the SDI school, from the know-how of 20 years of the most serious and reputable agency in terms of technical diving, TDI, is to be at the crossroads of the way of thinking of the French school, "educational Freedom" and the mode of American standardized operation, pushed to the extreme by the major of the CTSR system.

With a training instructor Diving OWSI SDI you will benefit from both a structured and serious method according to the American standards but also a way of thinking and functioning where the pedagogical freedom and the intelligence have their place , thus approaching somewhat the French system which has the pretension to form intelligent dive instructors capable of building their own pedagogical progression themselves.  A diving instructor OWSI SDI is thus much more than an ambassador of a prestigious school who respects to the letter a regulation by scrupulously following standard sheets and selling obligatory manuals: By following an instructor training of Diving OWSI SDI You will really learn to provide a rich training where all your know-how and experience will have their place in order to be able to deliver recognized certifications tinted with all the flavor that you will know to put.

The OWSI SDI Diving instructor Training also allows you to go further than in other organizations: you will be able not only to train as in other Open water organizations at the dive Master, but also to the Assistant Instructor, (except in Europe)!

In addition to becoming a diving instructor OWSI SDI It will be easier for you to access the qualifications allowing you to differentiate yourself by being at the forefront of the most advanced diving techniques in TEK diving: the qualifications of the first school of Global TEK Diving, TDI which is part of the same group as SDI.

OWSI Diving Instructor Training

Training Instructor Diving OWSI SDI


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