Exploration Diving Marseille : Day experience 2 dives " Two tanks " semi private boat


Exploration Diving Marseille : your 2 dives exploration day " Two tanks " semi private boat

Réservé aux plongeurs certifiés ayant plongé depuis moins de 3 mois dans des conditions d’équipement et de pratique similaires à la Méditerranée.



  • Exploration Diving Marseille : Day experience 2 dives " Two tanks " semi private boat

Prerequisite: diving certification level 1 or open water minimum (certification SdiTdi, Padi, Sssi, Anmp, Ffessm...), and less than three months diving in the Mediterranean or in the Mediterranean Sea. review programme no ENT, heart or respiratory problems.

Gain experience with this exploration package Marseille by semi-private boat

Cette journée exploration plongée Marseille en toute intimité avec un rendez-vous matinal en début de journée va vous permettre de partir en expédition pour toute la journée. Vous allez (re)découvrir la beauté des fonds sous-marins du Parc National des Calanques et  la underwater flora and fauna.

During this day, you will do a first dive of 30 to 60 minutes, then have a lunch break (not provided) on the semi rigid boat. After a nap, you will go for a second exploration of 30 to 60 minutes with a return to the centre at mid-afternoon.

Marseille is an ideal destination to feed your passion for the sea. Come and dive in our blue waters. Explore our beautiful drop offs and intriguingly shaped corraligenous rocks. Meet our remarkable sea creatures and, of course, watch our resident grouper community. We have an abundance of underwater treasures to share with you!

While you dive with us, take a tour of the islands of Marseille. You will discover why Marseille is so popular internationally...

The price of your diving day in Marseille on a semi-private boat includes

  • Your day of activity on the day of your choice during the week, depending on availability
  • Supervision of your programme by a high-level professional
  • Your liability insurance.

The price of your diving program in Marseille does not include

  • Rental of diving equipment if you do not have your own (+44 euros),
  • Accommodation and meals and drinks,
  • Sunscreen and shower products,

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Baptism 1/2 Standard Day 20 minutes equipped in water, baptism 1/2 Day Silver 30 minutes equipped in water, baptism 1/2 Day luxury 40 minutes equipped in water with e-video souvenir 90 seconds