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Diver preformation, professional diver or diving DEJEPS Instructor

With your pre-training diver or Dejeps diving (state Diploma of Youth, popular education and diving Sport), prepare yourself to learn to work in scuba diving.

Pre-training diver and Dejeps divingBoutonresaAquadomia prepares you before your training of diver or diving instructor DEJEPS (the only diploma recognized in France to be paid, to work abroad better to pass the instructor OWSI) that are done in specific organizations such as INPP, ENS or CREPS. Pre-training diver or DEJ
EPS is done in 2 to 10 weeks depending on your current dive level (if you start but are very sporty and aquatic 4 weeks can be enough to take you to level 3, 8 weeks at level 4, these indicative durations being really a great minimum , if you have learning difficulties these durations are increased) to prepare you for diver level 3 or Level 4 diving which are the prerequisites to follow the formation of diver class A to the INPP or the ENS or the DEJEPS in CREPS.

The diver which will be formed after its level 3 or level 4 in specialized organizations such as theInpp or theEns, also called a professional diver, has access, depending on its formation, to several areas of depth, defined by a category, called "Class": Class 0 to work up to 12 meters deep; Class I to work up to 30 metres deep; Class II, the most common to work up to 50 meters deep, class III to work beyond 50 meters deep.

Work in divingDiving instructor

Their training also gives them access to different types of trades, defined by a mention:

– Mention A for the activities of diver: Marine, oil, industrial and Civil Engineering Operations (BTP);

– Mention B for other underwater activities: aquaculture activities (aquaculturists, fishermen, cooysterers, etc.), safety and security activities (police, customs, civil security, firefighters, etc.), activities Scientists (oceanographers, biologists, archaeologists, etc.), activities of the spectacle and the media (photographers, cameramen, framers, lighting, actors, etc.);

By following the diver or DEJEPS preformation with Aquadomia, you will learn all that is necessary to acquire the necessary fluency at any depth as well as all the theoretical elements to understand scuba diving. In addition, by going up to level 4 with Aquadomia, you can ask to obtain the equivalence Diver Class 1 or 2 Mention B.

This pre-training diver is also a pre-training course in DEJEPS diving. The DEJEPS is the state Diploma of Youth, popular education and diving Sport, the French diploma run by the state that happens in state agencies, CREPS, DEJEPS diving, happens after you have done your level 3 or level 4 , takes place in CREPS over 10 months. The exact pre-requisites to the DEJEPS dive to be admitted in CREPS are the minimum level PA40 (in fact a level 4 is very strongly advised), 100 dives, the degree of first aid PSE1 and the boat permit (boat permit you can pass with the Partners of Aquadomia). The DEJEPS diving allows you to teach up to 60 meters and to manage a diving center.

By going up to level 4 with Aquadomia, you can ask to obtain the equivalence Diver Class 2 Mention B!

With Aquadomia, you can also pass your OWSI SDI monitor to work abroad.

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