Diving training Rescue Diver PADI or SDI. Diving course Marseille with Aquadomia, specialist accelerated training tailored

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PADI or SDI diving training-diving course RESCUE DIVER

Training Course Diving Rescue Diver: Learn how to manage the emergency with a diving course rescue!

An exciting PADI or SDI Ressue diver training essential to gain confidence!

Experienced divers who follow this Rescue diver training are more confident as they learn to be ready in case of an emergency. This training requires five sessions and can be followed in less than three days. To follow it, you need to be certified Advanced Open Water or Level 2 diving and have followed the training of first aid EFR or RIFA.

During your diving Rescue Diver Internship, your diving training and scuba diving courses will teach you:

– Self-rescue, to handle elementary situations such as cramps, a breakdown of pressure regulators...

– Recognition and management of the stress of other divers, to teach you to better prepare your binomials to dive serenely, or to decide to postpone their diving..

– Management and emergency equipment, to know what to do in case of emergency and to use the good emergency equipment...

– Rescue of panicked divers, to intervene without risking your own life while saving that of others...

– Rescue of unconscious divers, to allow you to provide the first resuscitation care before the arrival of the rescue.

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