Diving course TEK trimix and trimix training in Marseille

Dive TEK and scuba diving TRIMIX Marseille: Savour the extreme without the intoxication of the depths

The Tek dive to the trimix in open circuit or rebreather10 Offers us the possibility to explore deep dive sites while keeping control of our lucidity. With the Trimix finished the dives in the fog and the memories always a little blurry at the exit of the water!

The trimix has a particular effect of eliminating the effects of narco, but also of imposing the need to be very vigilant on the planning of the dive, the choice of gases and the methodology of decompression.


Trimix Training

Trimix Training

Trimix Course

Trimix Course

You are Level 3 or equivalent with a significant level of experience in depth, you already have a certification Advanced Nitrox And preferably followed by diving courses Waterproof Garment, you can follow an internship in Tek trimix normoxic PTH70 from 3 to 4 days organized by Aquadomia with 4 sessions deep dives and a few hours devoted to the theory of diving Tek, to explore funds up to 70 meters with a breathable mixture Both at this depth and on the surface.

What will you learn during your Trimix Tek dive course? Your Tek Dive training will focus first on the management of your equipment and your "plate" in the water: choice of the reel and its use to launch a parachute plunge valve dropped from your first deep ceiling, choice of slates of Scuba diving used to record your TEC dive planning, Attachment strategy for additional decompression dive bottles. Then you will learn the setup of the decompression software used to plan your Tek dive, and finally it's just to put it all in practice to perform a well planned Tek dive like on music paper!

If you are already trimix diver confirmed, we can organize your dive internship Tek trimix hypoxic PTH120 at the dates of your choice.

For your diving certification Tek Trimix, we can issue maps of different organizations: ANMP, FFESSM, PADI, TDI...Logos_orgaIf you are an instructor, we can train you Trimix Tek Dive Monitor.

The best formula for practicing trimix, whether for gas savings or for limiting the weight of the equipment on board, remains that of the CCR Closed Circuit rebreather...

To learn more about trimix, trimix courses and trimix training, read our article here: http://www.aquadomia.pro/2016/10/trimix-dossier-complet-4-etapes-5-tests-et-trois-solutions-pour-reussir-votre-formation-trimix.html


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