Dive Training PADI Advanced Diver: become self-sufficient at 30 meters. Scuba Diving Course Marseille

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PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER Diving training: Experience New Adventures!

Enjoy even more diving with a PADI dive Level 2 course!

A rich and short PADI dive training during an entertaining accelerated scuba diving internship, just after your dive level 1!

This PADI Level 2 dive training and course is ideal for acquire experience while having fun and exploring with your dive instructor

During your scuba diving internship you perform a deep adventure dive, an adventure Orientation dive and three other adventures dives with your dive instructor, and with these PADI Level 2 dive Courses you get your PADI certification Advanced Open Water Diver. It's simple and quick: it Fauda you just five half days.

What is an adventure dive? It is simply a theme dive that allows you to approach with your diving instructor a Padi scuba specialty such as the deep specialty, the specialty orientation and according to the schedule the specialty biology, the speciality wreck, the specialty Photo... so many sources of wonder during your PADI diving level 2 courses!

This is a training that you can follow immediately after your Level 1 dive, because it does not require diving experiments to follow the diving courses contained in this scuba diving course.

Why pass the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver patent?

After your five dives adventures with your dive instructor during your scuba diving internship, you will have a greater experience, you will feel comfortable in the water and simply you will enjoy more diving, because you will understand The underwater environment better. In addition, thanks to this certification you can now dive up to 30 meters during your holidays abroad.

Afterwards your diving instructor will be able to accompany you in scuba diving training courses to allow you to take diving courses of PADI Specialties and also Padi Rescue Diver And why not to become later Master Scuba Diver And even become professional  PADI Dive Master.

How far will you go?

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