2-day Sea Turtle Training - Turtle Specialty


Marine Turtle Training

Learn more about marine turtles to better protect them!



  • Sea turtle training 2 days. Turtle Specialty Private Course

This marine turtle training course provides a better understanding of the life, behaviour and protective measures adapted to the protection of this marine reptile. It is strongly recommended to become Level 4 Guide, Divemaster Yes Instructor and all those who have followed a course of study Underwater biology !

Prerequisite: None, this training is also available to non-divers.

Discover the life of this fantastic underwater reptile with the Marine Turtle formation

During your training, you will discover a fantastic animal that we must protect.

Program of your Sea Turtle Training - Turtle Specialty

  1. The different species of marine turtles
  2.  Turtle life cycle: Egg stage - Newborn stage - Pelagic juvenile stage - Benthic juvenile stage - Sub-adult stage - Adult stage
  4. AQUATIC HABITATS : Les Herbiers - Coral Reefs - The open sea
  5. Where and when to see turtles?
  6. The threats
  7. Protection measures
  8. Approach techniques

The price of your turtle training private course includes

  • The management of your training by a professional of high level, Desjeps and instructor trainer,
  • 1 to 3 dives or snorkeling per day
  • Learning the theory through our e-learning courses online,
  • Your civil liability insurance during the training.

The price of your turtle training private course does not include

  • The Certification card SSI  
  • Accommodation and meals,
  • Sunscreen and shower products,
  • The optional rental of personal equipment,
  • The weekend supplements
  • In case of individual tuition only, the special price supplements.

: THE MORE of the turtle speciality

– Interactive personalized training at the dates of your choice – training by experienced state graduates. – Individualised or mini-group training (usually 2 or 3 per monitor, exceptionally 4 maximum). – The time spent in exploration guarantees participants an effective assimilation of the different concepts presented. – Participants can work the theory on their personal documents.

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