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Training Level 2 diving FFESSM or ANMP and bridge PADI or SDI Advanced:

Level 2 Diving: access to autonomy by combining the best French and American training for your diving level!

A high Level 2 dive training allowing you to multiply the experiences during your scuba diving internship to gain autonomy with the courses of your dive instructor and get a recognition of your diving level, wherever you Be!

This level 2 dive training is ideal to allow you to reach the autonomy at 20 meters, allowing you to dive with 1 or 2 other divers on authorization of a diving instructor, and to dive framed up to 40 meters deep!

During your dive Level 2 course, you will enjoy yourself safely by diving adventures on the deep themes, orientation, improvement of buoyancy, naturalism... while learning the adapted behaviors of level 2 diving To manage yourself a dive and its parameters as well as the support of a diver in difficulty. Air and decompression management, choice of a course and return to safety, understanding the implications of diving on man and material are all aspects that you will learn as well in practice as in theory during your diving lessons Level Two.

The fundamentals of this level 2 dive training are based on the development of your observation faculties. This is indeed fundamental to manage its orientation in order to direct you even a pleasant and safe diving path. The observation will also serve you to learn to "read the water" and be able to determine if you are going up, down and be stable. Of course with this level 2 dive training You will also learn how to use your dive computer.

During your Level 2 dive training, your dive course will consist of learning how to:

1 Find yourself in immersion and follow the path defined by the dive director.

2 evolve in dive with teammates of the same level without a guide.

3 Observe the immersion characteristics defined by the Diving director (max 20 meters).

4 Select and apply the lift procedure.

5 go up to the landing and report on it using a landing buoy or parachute.

6 Identify the difficulties of one of his teammates, assist him until he is placed in safety.

7 know elements of Theory: – The aquatic environment. – Individual diver equipment. -Diving risks and their prevention. – The lift procedures. – The Level 2 regulatory framework for practice

This level 2 dive training and Advanced diver dive level PADI or SDI course takes place in 4 days for anyone who has assimilated the level 1 diving education with recent dives.

With this double diving training you can now dive in France with a guide of dive up to 40 meters and at 20 meters with one or two other divers of the same level in complete autonomy with the authorisation of a diving director. Abroad, you can even evolve up to 30 meters in autonomy without diving instructor.

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