Simple: Choose your Dive training Marseille Level 1 Diving Level 2 3 4 and more at the dates of your choice, we do the rest, in private course personalized in Mini Group!

Diving training Marseille

All your personalized diving training in Marseille

To start diving, Level 1 training, training Level 2 Are the diving diplomas most frequently passed by the majority of divers during their diving training in Marseille. Aquadomia offers you all the diving training Marseille, well beyond the level 2 diving since we train all the diving levels from the beginner to the leisure dive instructor and the TEK dive instructor. But before that, without going up to Level 2 dive you can enrich your diving training with Special courses.

To make progress, special courses in scuba diving

Thereafter, to gain experience, scuba diving courses, mastery of buoyancy, digital photo underwater and full of others still can be followed without necessarily having obtained a level of diving level 2 beforehand .

To go further, Level 2 diving

More depth or autonomy attracts you? If you want to access more depth and more autonomy of your diving training Marseille, this is where a level 2 diving becomes indispensable, whether with a degree of diving level 2 of the French school FFESSM or ANMP or a Diving certification Level 2 "advanced" from the American school Padi or SDI. During this level 2 dive training, you will learn how to better manage your underwater balance, manage your orientation to be able to steer yourself safely and go down deeper in diving while managing your sensations and your Balance.

Become an expert or dive pro

After the Level 2 dive training all other diving skills are accessible to you to gain confidence, dive safety management and also access more deep dives. After your Level 3 dive (or rescue diver if you choose the CTSR system) you will have the opportunity to access the TEK diving training or the diving coaching with the dive Master or level 4 diving, and why not become a dive instructor! Aquadomia is one of the few schools that can offer you all this training tailored to the dates of your choice in one click!

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