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First Aid: Learn the gestures that save.

Useful in everyday life! These first aid trainings that we deliver to you by appointment will be indispensable to you to go beyond the second level of diving, and also to meet the legal obligations. They strengthen your confidence and your value with your employer.

Essential training to become a lifeguard diver!

EFR (PADI Training): Emergency First Response.

RIFA (formation FFESSM): Reactions and Interventions in the Face of a diving Accident

Newly born, end 2018, FRTI, First response training international which belongs to the same leading group of TDI SDI.

With these one-day scuba diving training required to become PADI SDI SSI or level 3 Rescue Diver, you will learn the basic gestures to effectively manage diving emergencies, including learning how to implement oxygen therapy. These trainings can also serve you in everyday life and in professional life!

EFRI (PADI Training): Emergency First Response instructor. Training essential to become a PADI OWSI instructor. You become a first aid instructor and can teach EFR.

In a few days, a day for someone who is already a rescue instructor and instructor of a discipline, or more for a novice in first aid, you will also be able to become first aid instructors and teach the gestures that save and thus participate in promoting the chain of life.

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