Day TEK CCR rebreather Marseille by private boat 2 to 4 persons


rebreather80 Marseille Park of the coves by private boat with friends!

A private boat for your dives rebreather90 Marseille in the National Park of the coves! The rebreather90 away from the World in privacy!


Day TEK CCR rebreather Marseille by private boat 2 to 4 persons with possibility of lunch in the islands. rebreather rental option

rebreather Marseille. Day Dive TEK rebreather in Marseille in privacy with your recyclers! Dream Day with your dedicated instructor and your private boat Biakwa.comIn the Creek Park. Private boat for your own rebreather expedition.

The rebreather away from the world by private boat with personal monitor

Go directly to our inflatable boat (7.5 meters, 250 HP, maximum capacity of 20 people) to 9:30 on the Red Point Quay or the old Port for 7 hours of shipping, with possibility of stopover lunch at one of the restaurants of the islands of Friuli.

Count about 30 minutes of navigation to reach the dive site in the National Park. You will have time to dive from 60 to 180 minutes, and you will see the wild marine life of the Mediterranean Sea and its wrecks.

Return to the Red Point Wharf or old Port 7 hours later.

All Inclusive 7 hour formula (including one hour of engine operation) excluding food, beverages, equipment rental and inflation

Extra hour 80 euros. Additional person (6 total maximum) 80 euros