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  • SSI Shark Ecology Training

This Sharh Ecology SSI training provides a better understanding of the complex relationship between sharks and humans. Shark education helps foster a more balanced understanding, and this program gives you the skills and knowledge to recognize and identify key shark species. It describes their history and roles in marine ecosystems, as well as the threats to their survival. Upon completion of this program, you will be certified as a Specialty Shark Ecology Specialist by SSI.

It is strongly recommended to become Level 4 Guide, Divemaster Yes Instructor and all those who have followed a course of study Underwater biology !

Prerequisite: None, this training is also available to non-divers.

Discover the life of this animal, now a symbol of the fight to preserve marine biodiversity.

 "When you think of a shark, what images come to mind? What distinctive characteristics do they have? Sharp teeth? A clean body? Fins? From the origin and history of sharks to their current place in the ocean ecosystem, this study of sharks is a comprehensive look at these incredible organisms. With over 500 species, we will study their biology, interactions, misconceptions about them and their conservation. »

Program of your Shark Ecology SSI training course

  1. The Shark/Human Relationship
  2.  The history of sharks through time
  3. The shark's anatomy and modes of perception
  4. The shark's modes of reproduction
  5. The shark's diet and its place in the ocean ecosystem.
  6. The strangest species

The price of your online training includes

  • The Shark ecology training online with your digital card after the exam

The price of your Shark Ecology SSI training does not include 

  • Practical courses

The best of Shark Ecology SSI's specialty: Shark Ecology SSI

- Online training - Participants can work on the theory on their personal documents.

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