Recycleur rEvo – Pack “Fondamental” – mCCR + formation


The rebreatherfundamental manual selected for you by Aquadomia, with its training.

The rebreathermechanical with a Shearwater Petrel2 on the wrist + training rebreather.


rEvo III Mini Petrel2 PPO2 controller + Training

 rebreather Mini
Height with handle (cm)  58cm
Height without handle (cm)  48cm
Width (without bottles)  35cm
Thickness with wing and harness  22cm
Thickness without wing and harness  12.1 cm EC
Weight KG  19.4 kg
Volume of lungs  5.5 litre EC

The rebreather50 REvo started the CCR Revolution over 10 years ago.

With more testing and more redundancy built into the unit than any other rebreatheron the market, the rebreatherrEvo III closed circuit is truly a revolutionary rebreather. With a wide range of size choices and electronic configurations, you can be sure to have the perfect rebreatherfor your diving needs! European manufacture in Belgium, estimated delivery time 6 weeks


Training rebreatherrEvo Marseille in mini group

Accessible to autonomous Open water or N2 divers from 20 to 40 dives with a minimum of experience + nitrox training (and Confirmed Nitrox for certification), the training rebreather rEvo Marseille revolutionizes the way you dive. The rebreathermachine allows you to dive in a truly different way. With a rebreather training, you breathe a gas that is always optimized to help you manage decompression and whose recycling allows you to safely extend the duration of your dives to several hours. Without noise and without bubbles, this training rebreatherrEvo Marseille allows you to get closer to the fauna that you do not disturb. The rebreatherrEvo selected for your training is one of the most proven machines on the market.

The rebreather training allows you to learn, within the National Park of the coves in Marseille:

  • To manage your new sensations of ventilation and balance,
  • To prepare your machine and perform all the routine checks according to a rigorous check list,
  • To manipulate the control instruments,
  • To control the machine in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode,
  • To use an onboard emergency bottle (pony),
  • To manage emergency situations,
  • To approach wildlife quietly in peace and security.



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JRC + training package

rEvo + additional training / crossover 3 days, rEvo + additional training 4 days following preco 1D, rEvo + full training 5 days