Prefo CCR AP / rEvo / Horizon: choose and go for it!


Prefo CCR AP / rEvo. rebreatherrEvo or Inspiration APdiving? Don't hesitate to choose your rebreather! With the CCR rEvo / CCR APDiving Inspiration 2-day pre-course in Marseille, you will have all the keys to determine your choice.


  • Prefo CCR AP / rEvo / Horizon: choose and launch yourself while saving one or two days!

Ideal for choosing your rebreather: REvo Yes CCR Inspiration with a two-day training course with 4 dives, 2 on each machine.

By following this training course, you will be credited with one day's training on the machine you ordered and will be deducted 200 euros from your purchase

Prerequisite: Level 3

Dive without bubbles and in silence with a preco rebreatherCCR rEvo / CCR APDiving in Marseille in the Parc National des Calanques!

During your preco rebreatherCCR rEvo / CCR APDiving with two days of sea activity you will learn about underwater breathing and buoyancy at rebreatherand start your training.

This initiation can count as the first day of training rebreather JRC REvo or Inspiration and thus save you time on your training rebreather in Marseille.

With the pre rebreather REvo /CCR Diving Inspiration Scuba Diving, you will have the possibility to use machines equipped with the latest technology must, used both for classic leisure dives up to 40 meters as for the "Tamaya" missions organized by Aquadomia in Martinique to film a Mythical wreck by 90 meters background. The REvo rebreather, steered to manual or electrically or hybridly, is one of the most compact and dense market. The rebreather Inspiration diving, one of the world's most diffused, is an electronically or manually-controlled rebreather electronics.

You will discover a new way of diving: the piloting of the immersion must be adapted as well as the management of the buoyancy which no longer uses the "lung ballast", and the respiration that looks more like the breathing on tuba than that on the regulator.

The price of your pre-course rebreatherCCR rEvo / CCR APDiving Inspiration Marseille in private lessons includes

  • Your two-day event
  • The piloting of your discovery by a professional of high level, Desjeps and instructor trainer,
  • Renting the rebreather
  • Your liability insurance.

The price of your double initiation rebreather CCR REvo/CCR Diving Inspiration Marseille does not include

  • Accommodation and meals,
  • Rental of personal diving equipment
  • Sunscreen and shower products,

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