Training rebreatherAPDiving closed circuit 4 days


Rebreather training. Finally discover the real world of silence!

Training course rebreather80 4 days in mini group.

In training rebreather Inspiration Scuba Diving, you will be able to extend your range of action by acquiring new landmarks and new sensations. Warmer, quieter and longer with optimized decompression, here are the most that your rebreather circuit will bring to your dives!

The rebreather training will really make you appreciate a new way of diving, more in fusion with the environment.


Rebreather training in 4 days in mini Group with 8 dives, 8 hours of use of the machine.

Accessible after 20 dives with a minimum of experience + nitrox training (the training Confirmed Nitrox required for certification can be done simultaneously), the rebreather closed circuit Inspiration Scuba Diving revolutionizes the way you dive. The rebreather machine allows you to dive in a truly different way. With a rebreather training, you breathe a gas that is always optimized to help you manage decompression and whose recycling allows you to safely extend the duration of your dives to several hours. Without noise and without bubbles, this training allows you to get closer to the fauna that you do not disturb. The rebreather APDiving selected for your training is one of the most proven machines on the market and one of the lightest, it is regularly used by exceptional divers for their expeditions.

The rebreather training allows you to learn, within the National Park of the coves in Marseille:

  • To manage your new sensations of ventilation and balance,
  • To prepare your machine and perform all the routine checks according to a rigorous check list,
  • To manipulate the control instruments,
  • To control the machine in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode,
  • To use an onboard emergency bottle (pony),
  • To manage emergency situations,
  • To approach wildlife quietly in peace and security.

This price includes the whole training rebreather in Marseille as well as the logistical costs of 600 euros if the machine is purchased through us.

This price does not include rental of personal equipment, consumption of lime or oxygen, logistical costs of 600 euros if you do not buy the machine from us, accommodation and catering

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