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Scuba diving in Marseille, your extended range training. Directly at sea in the National Park of the creeks.


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  • Extended range training 3 days Marseille. Private course

Prerequisite: TDI advanced Nitrox or Level 3 Confirmed Nitrox100 dives minimum including 25 at more than 30 meters. You must present a medical certificate of no contraindication to diving upon arrival. A general practitioner is sufficient. You must have completed at least 2 recent deep dives in the Mediterranean.

Progress in heavy configuration (twin bottle + 2 ponys) thanks to an extended range training course providing you with more safety in depth.

During your training, from 8:20 to 5.30 pm with lunch break around the port of Pointe Rouge in the south of Marseille (or some days at sea with your picnic on the boat), you make 2 to 3 dives a day.

Program of your training extended range 3 days

Dive Planning

1. Demonstrate fluency in sign communication (basic and intermediate signs)

2. Selection and preparation of material for diving with high duration decompression.

3. Perform team exercises for the deployment of a lift parachute and the change of gas.

4. Rescue exercises to partner.

5. Unconscious diver assistance exercises.

6. Properly analyze the mixtures of each of its bottles

7. Properly plan and analyze dives by determining

A. The limits of depth and duration according to his personal abilities, the conditions of dives and his personal limits of consumption and his teammates,

B. The depth and duration limits of O2 at the intended levels with the mixtures actually used, in order to never exceed the individual and cumulative limits,

C. The nitrogen-associated limits at the intended depths with the mixtures actually used.

Exercises before diving:

Carry out different checks before each dive:

· Gestures air failure + control opening bottle

· Crew control equipment

· Gas control

· Orientation Planning

· Diving and Deco planning

Stress and relaxation analysis

Similarity of gases within the dive

Diving skills

1. Demonstrate buoyancy control: ability to maintain a stable position without movement

2. Demonstrate satisfactory consideration of the binomial and other members of the dive through communication, proximity and certain dives.

3. Demonstrate the ability to manage two ponys (either 2 deco gases or a Deco gas and blend pony background) including knowing how to remove and deliver a Deco pony while maintaining the immersion level.

4. Demonstrate the ability to confirm gas changes in depth with the crew member and dive members.

5. Demonstrate the ability to send the parachute from a certain depth and use it as a means of rescue buoyancy.

6. Demonstrate the ability to perform a bit-sharing lift with one diver without a mask.

7. Execute an emergency decompression simulating a loss of the Deco pony.

8. Remove and replace the mask (using the emergency mask)

9. Demonstrate the ability to tow an unconscious diver on the surface and immerse (30 meters)

10. Execute a 15-metre deep apnea.

11. Execute the dive as planned.

12. Demonstrate procedures for changing and isolating a defective regulator. This must be done during a dive at less than 40 meters.

13. Demonstrate approriées orientation techniques for diving.

14. During two dives, carry out its ascent after having correctly deployed the parachute/surface buoy mounted on the reel, then perform the decompression in the planned level.

15. During one of the dives, tow 10 m in depth a diver simulating unconsciousness and simulating a technique of recovery

The price of your private course training includes

  • The management of your training by a professional of high level, Desjeps and instructor trainer,
  • 2 to 3 dives per day in the park of the creeks from our base at the port of the Red point,
  • Learning the theory through our e-learning courses online,
  • The rental of additional equipment for the relay bottles,
  • The Certification card  TDI 
  • Your civil liability insurance during the training.

The price of your private course training does not include

  • Accommodation and meals,
  • Sunscreen and shower products,
  • The optional rental of personal equipment: 30 euros for the day,
  • The optional review day if you have not dived for more than 6 months: 140 euros excluding material (+ 30 euros),
  • The weekend supplements of 25 euros per day per person.
  • In case of individual tuition only, the special price supplements.


– Interactive personalized training at the dates of your choice – training by experienced state graduates. – Individualised or mini-group training (usually 2 or 3 per monitor, exceptionally 4 maximum). – The time spent in exploration guarantees participants an effective assimilation of the different concepts presented. – Participants can work the theory on their personal documents.

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