Deep Diver Training - DEEP Diver Specialty 2 days


Deep diving training Marseille - Deep diver speciality 2 days

Become a deep diver, directly in the sea in the Calanques National Park.



  • Deep Diver Training - Deep Diver Specialty Marseille. Private course 2 days

Become a deep diver in Marseille! Deep diving training in Marseille and Martinique during Aquadomia Winter University is a good way to gain diversified diving experience to move on to more expert levels such as the Level 3 and the Divemaster. This specialty allows you to be autonomous abroad up to 40 meters for dives in the safety curve, without mandatory decompression stops.

Prerequisite: Level 1 / open water with a minimum of 10 dives. You must present a medical certificate of no contraindication to diving upon arrival. A general practitioner is enough. For the 2-day courses, you must have done at least 2 recent dives in the Mediterranean Sea.

Take it one step further by extending your prerogatives with the Deep diver speciality in Marseille

During your Deep diver training to become a Deep diver, from 8.20am to 5.30pm with lunch break around the Pointe Rouge harbour in the southern districts of Marseille (or some days at sea with your picnic on the boat), you do 1 to 2 dives per day.

Thus you discover deep diving in Marseille.

Program of your 2-day in-depth training :

Theory: History of dive tables and computers - Equipment needed for deep diving - Physics and physiology of deep diving - Emergency procedures for deep diving and first aid Practical skills in water First test and check all equipment - At the same time familiarize yourself with the site - Then descend to the planned depth and do not exceed any pre-planned limits - Of course, dive according to the plan to a limited depth (maximum 40 meters) - At the same time monitor the depth / time / air consumption. Run an emergency simulation. Finally, respect the safety level.

The price of your deep diving course Marseille private course includes

  • The management of your wreck diving training in Marseille by a high-level professional, Desjeps and Instructor Trainer,
  • 1 to 3 dives per day in the Parc des Calanques from our base at the port of la pointe rouge,
  • Learning the theory through our e-learning courses online,
  • Your civil liability insurance during the training.

The fee for your Deep Diver specialty training does not include

  • The Certification card  SDI Yes ANMP
  • Accommodation and meals,
  • Sunscreen and shower products,
  • The optional rental of personal equipment,
  • The day of Optional review If you have not been diving for more than six months,
  • Weekend supplements.


– Interactive personalized training at the dates of your choice – training by experienced state graduates. – Individualised or mini-group training (usually 2 or 3 per monitor, exceptionally 4 maximum). – The time spent in exploration guarantees participants an effective assimilation of the different concepts presented. – Participants can work the theory on their personal documents.