Training rebreather HORIZON SCR 4 days


Training rebreather Horizon. Discover at last the real world of silence.


Training rebreather semi-closed Horizon 4 days

training rebreather Horizon. This machine that is rebreather allows you to dive in a really different way. With a rebreather training, you breathe a gas that is always optimized to help you manage decompression and whose recycling allows you to safely extend your dives to several hours. Without noise and bubbles, this training allows you to get as close as possible to the fauna that you do not disturb. The rebreather Horizon selected for your training is one of the most advanced machines on the market, offered by the manufacturer of the closed circuit rEvo on which we train also

The rebreather Horizon training allows you to learn, in the heart of the Parc National des Calanques in Marseille :

  • To manage your new sensations of ventilation and balance,
  • To prepare your machine and perform all the routine checks according to a rigorous check list,
  • To manipulate the control instruments,
  • to use one or two bottles on board,
  • To manage emergency situations,
  • To approach wildlife quietly in peace and security.

The training program rebreather semi-closed MARES leisure activities;

History and evolution of recyclers
Comparison of open, closed and semi-closed circuit recyclers
Practical mechanics of the system
Assembly and disassembly of the rebreather
Implementation and design
Scrubber Refill
System Maintenance
Procedures for decontaminating breathing loops
Examination of nitrox
Dalton's law (triangle)
Optimal mixture of nitrox
Oxygen monitoring
Gas preparation
Examples of dive planning
Gas physiology
Oxygen toxicity (O2)
Nitrogen absorption
Toxicity of carbon monoxide (CO2)
Gas consumption
Work on formulas and metabolic consumption
Oxygen (O2) metabolism calculations
Inspired Oxygen (O2) calculations (equation from rebreather)
Equivalent Air Depth (EAD)
Diving tables
Inspired Oxygen (O2) Chart
Equivalent air depth
Diving Computers
Adjustable mixture
Integrated Oxygen (O2)
PO2 monitoring devices
Loss of mouthpiece
Loss of battery or sensor
Rupture of the respiratory pocket
Open circuit rescue system
Hyperoxia Scenario
Hypoxia Scenario
The hypercapnia scenario
Maintenance of equipment after a problem
Diving and operational planning

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