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Fish Identification Training - Online Courses

Find out how to identify fish


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  • SSI Fish Identification Training

This online fish identification training course provides a better understanding of how to identify fish

Fish identification formation

It is strongly recommended to become Level 4 Guide, Divemaster Yes Instructor and all those who have followed a course of study Underwater biology !

Prerequisite: None, this training is also available to non-divers.

Find out how to identify fish.

The ocean is full of fascinating and beautiful fish of all shapes and sizes. This no-dive specialty program teaches you the skills and concepts needed to identify common families of reef fish from the Caribbean, Indo-Pacific and Red Sea.

Program of your fish identification training SSI

  • How to identify the characteristics of local fish families and species.
  • Techniques and strategies for studying fish.THE FORM
    Elongated and fusiform, such as tuna, fusiliers, lizard fish or girelles? Thin and long like the syngnathes, flute or trumpet fish? Round, like balloon fish? Flattened, vertically like sars, sea breams or jacks, or horizontally like rays, turbots and other monkfish? Big or small?

    Colours can vary greatly depending on location, sex, time of year, reproductive cycle and age, among other things.

    Especially their positioning and number, size, shape and colour, if any, help identification.

    Where is it located? In the middle, up or down? Is it covered with teeth?

    This often makes it possible to find a specific species within the same family.

The price of your online training includes

  • Online training with your digital card after the exam

The price of your ecology course does not include 

  • Practical courses

.: THE MUST of your training to identify SSI fishes

- Online training - Participants can work on the theory on their personal documents.

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