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Underwater Ecology Training - Online Courses

Discover marine ecology



  • SSI Underwater Ecology Training

This online underwater ecology course provides a better understanding of the environment and ecology.Diving ecology training


It is strongly recommended to become Level 4 Guide, Divemaster Yes Instructor and all those who have followed a course of study Underwater biology !

Prerequisite: None, this training is also available to non-divers.

Discover ecology for the preservation of marine biodiversity.

The marine environment is currently the subject of particular attention because of its importance in terms of biodiversity and ecosystem services (food supply, coastal protection, etc.) but also because of its fragility (destruction of coastal habitats, pollution, etc.).

With this marine ecology training, our ambition is to guide you towards a better knowledge of the marine environment.

Program of your ecology diving training SSI

The ocean is composed of many different ecosystems with a wide range of defining characteristics.
Life in our ocean has become an incredible diversity of organisms that inhabit different ecosystems.
The physical components of our oceans, such as the characteristics of water, temperature, salinity and movement, are interconnected with living systems.
There are many natural and human impacts on our ocean.
Humans can influence the health, management and recovery of our ocean.

The price of your online training includes

  • Online training with your digital card after the exam

The price of your ecology course does not include 

  • Practical courses

THE MUST of your SSI ecology course

- Online training - Participants can work on the theory on their personal documents.

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