Training become a first aid FRTI instructor 3 days


Training become FRTI first aid instructor. Become a rescuers trainer!


Training become FRTI first aid instructor. Prerequisite: Owning a first aid certification First response training international or PSE1 or CPROX and CPR1st or CPROX1stAED or Emergency First Response or RIFAP or equivalent. Having a teacher instructor diploma is a plus but not mandatory.

Prepare to train rescuers

At the end of this course the graduate candidate canand certify students in first aid First response training international

Training program become first response training instructor international

1. risk management
Accident reports
2. course standards
3. teaching theory and methods
4. student material and instructor resources
5. What is first aid?
6. cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
When to perform the RCP – compressions and breakings – personal protective equipment
Perform RCP
Stage evaluation
Activation of emergency medical services
Compression, airway, breathing (CAB) compression protocol
Ventilation Protocol
RCP as a team
Basic training in international standards and procedures
7. defining first aid
Personal protective equipment
When and how to administer first aid?
Assessment of injuries and locations
Evaluate for "the six bases"
Respiration (absent) = RCP
Bleeding = pressure
Fracture = immobilize
Burns = cool
Bites = cover
Shots = watch
8. choking
Airway obstruction level
b. methods of treatment
c. Special considerations for children
9. Automated External Defibrillator (DEA)
When to use – how to use
AED maintenance and storage
DEA rules and regulations
10. neurological
Field test administration
Keep scores
Repeat test
11. post-traumatic considerations for secular rescuers

The rate of your training become FRTI first aid instructor includes

  • The piloting of your training by a professional of high level, Desjeps underwater diving and instructor trainer FRTI, monitor of first aid PAE3
  • Learning the theory through our e-learning courses online,
  • Your civil liability insurance during the training.

The price of your training does not include

  • Accommodation and meals,
  • The annual membership of First response training international I + Card Fees
  • Half day first aid review if your certification is more than 24 months old
  • In case of individual tuition only, the special price supplements.


– Interactive personalized training on the dates of your choice – training by experienced qualified State instructors. – Individualised or mini-group training (usually 2 or 3 per monitor, exceptionally 4 maximum). – The time spent in exercises guarantees the participants an effective assimilation of the different concepts presented. – Participants can work out the theory on their personal documents.

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