Private / semi-private boat Freediving Monte Cristo - 6 passengers max!


Private boat Freediving & Snorkeling Monte Cristo with friends!

A freediving & snorkeling boat and a guide for you alone in the islands of Marseille! Away from the world in complete privacy, 6 passengers max!


Freediving & Snorkeling in a private boat, much better than a boat rental!

Snorkeling & Freediving in complete privacy with your partner or your mini group of friends! Snorkeling with your naturalist guide and your private Akwafree boat, near the Monte Cristo prison on the island of the Château d'If in the Frioul islands of the Parc des Calanques. Semi-private boat for 3 hours minimum if you register as a duo, or private for the day if you book the 6 places !

Snorkeling & Freediving away from the world on a private boat with a private instructor

Meet us directly on our inflatable boat (7.5 metres, 250 HP, maximum capacity of 20 people) at the Port de la Pointe Rouge for a 3-hour expedition or more.

Then, about 30 minutes of sailing to reach the freediving and snorkeling site at the Friuli Islands and, on site, briefing by your professional guide. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the seabed with and without your guide, and you will see the wild marine life of the Mediterranean Sea: sea cucumbers, starfish, posidonia, oblades, beetles and many others.

During this excursion you will be told about the legend of Monte Cristo and the typical underwater life of the Calanques National Park. You will receive advice on freediving and snorkeling techniques to get the best experience.

Then, back to the Pointe Rouge quay 3 hours later or more if you feel like it.

All-inclusive package 3 hours minimum excluding food, drinks and souvenir photos

Receive your News dive training and your free guide !

Free dive guide

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Mini group size

Semi-private for 2, Semi-private for 4, Private for 6 explorers