Cancellation insurance 1 week (up to 1000 euros)


Cancellation insurance, to avoid inconvenience! Insurance offered by Assurmix



This insurance proposed by Insurance mix allows you to avoid inconvenience in case of forced cancellation of your training, for a maximum amount of training up to 1000 euros.

For higher amounts, you can purchase this insurance product several times. Example for training amounting to EUR 3000, add three times this insurance to the basket.

This Backgrounder presents a summary of the main warranties and exclusions of the product:  DDA cancellation insurance interruption v7 Insurance offered by Insurance mix

What is insured?

Cancellation of stay insurance before the date
of departure in case of:
✓ Death, serious accident or serious illness of
yourself or a member of your
✓ Serious damage to fire, explosion,
water damage.
✓ Theft in your professional or private premises.
✓ Pregnancy complications.
✓ Convening or order event
administrative or professional:
o economic redundancy of yourself or your spouse.
o summons before a court.
o obtaining a job or internship
o convening a catch-up exam.
o professional mutation not
✓ Contraindications or vaccination suites.
✓ Refusal of a visa.
✓ Serious damage to your vehicle.
✓ Theft of your identity card and/or your
✓ Illness or accident preventing the practice
activity, the main object of your trip.
✓ Lack or excess of snow in ski resort.
✓ Pregnancy before the 32nd week.
Interruption of stay insurance on site:
In case of repatriation organized by a company
assistance: reimbursement of benefits
unconsumed land.

What is not

Cancellation travel:
Pre-existing diseases, known before
the purchase of travel and insurance.
Unrecognized serious illnesses or accidents
by a doctor before the date of departure.
Illnesses or accidents that do not prevent
to travel.
Trip interruption:
Repatriations not organized by a
assistance company.
Are there any exclusions to the
Main exclusions:
Prohibitions decided by the authorities.
Any intentional act that may result in
the contract guarantee
Pregnancy beyond the 32nd week.

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