Diving Marseille: Training for leisure, rebreather, guide or instructor this summer? Play to win maybe a rebreather dive baptism!

rebreather car Revo Diving Marseille: Training

Diving Marseille: Training in private courses in the park of the coves

Your dream, our mission!

What do you dream of? Become a casual traveller diver, acquire more skills in underwater biology, become a diver "Tek", become a diving guide, become a diving instructor?

Our mission is to make you reach your goals, in private lessons in Marseille in the park es coves.

Play and win maybe a rebreather baptism!

Follow the directions in this https://youtu.be/Klu6Mn8mTGc video to participate in our YouTube draw to win maybe a rebreather baptism!

Diving Marseille: Diving training for all.... Discover our new trainings!

Curriculum Solo Diver For experienced divers, Intensive Courses for beginners wishing to become a guide or Dive monitor, Divemaster Gateway and SDI instructor Assistant Training For Level 4, Training rebreather CCR REvo, Aquadomia.com innovates to offer you new courses, launch yourself!

Not sure what rebreather to adopt? Our Double initiation on 2 days with 2 recyclers REvo/INSPI Allows you to choose knowingly!

And we also set up modules of discovery of biology and diving TEK that should really seduce you for ever more adventures.

Diving Marseille: Vocational training by Aquadomia.com

Aquadomia.com, a diving school TDI – SDI 5 stars, ICPF & PSI Certified Professional Training organization recognized CNEFOP for your continuing professional training.

Do you have a professional project? Make us part of it so we could build your dive training plan together.

To become a guide or monitor or expand your skills in rebreather and dive mixes, Aquadomia.com accompanies you to the TEK TDI Monitor to be among the most pointed and popular monitors on the market!

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