Diving training rebreather Inspiration or CCR rEvo

TEK Dive Monitorrebreather REVO TrainingCCR Inspiration-Training rebreather CCRFrom Level 1 experienced nitrox, discover New Horizons. Almost unlimited autonomy with optimized decompression and a minimum of bearings thanks to the rebreather diving training!

The dive training rebreather00 closed circuit with electronic management of PO2 on the Inspiration of AP diving or the REVO will change your life of diver. Approaching wildlife as close as possible is a breeze thanks to the lack of bubbles, the management of buoyancy allows you amazing stability no matter what your ventilation, your gas autonomy simply depends on your metabolism.

The rebreather10 diving training with closed circuit brings you everything you dreamed of: fusion with the environment, proximity with nature, harmony.... all this with machines that have proven themselves and guarantee you safe dives with Minimum risks as long as they are used as part of the manufacturer's recommendations.

In rebreather20 diving training, you will learn a new management of your buoyancy that will be done without the help of the traditional lung ballast, you will teach to prepare your dive rebreather20 carefully respecting the routines and Check list.

What is the rebreather30 diving training program? First take your time and dive shallow to understand this new way of diving which happens to be often a complete re-learning of the dive even for the most seasoned instructors!

During your rebreather40 diving training, you will learn how to plan a dive rebreather  :
Understanding the specific principles and risks of RACs – differences with open circuit – risks due to low gas volume – specificities for supervision surface – breathing with a rebreather70 – diver's metabolism – buoyancy management – Risks related to gas toxicity: hyperoxia, hypoxia, Hypercapnia – Infectious risks – Lime Inhalation – management of the constant PO2 – French regulation

During the training dives in rebreather80, you will mostly Learn how to make the most of this machine To taste the innumerable pleasures of diving without limits (or almost), and also to manage the unlikely cases of human and material dysfunctions:
Manage the preparation of the rebreather10 – Manage individual problem solving procedures – manage the problem solving procedures of a binomial – identify the different parts – assemble and disassemble the different parts – manage the Software setup – Check the rebreather10 according to the check list – tracing procedures for batteries, lime and cells – planning for diving – pre-dive control procedures – leak checking – constant control of PO2 – Buoyancy Control – Loop out – breathe on lease out – Empty mask – drain water – Lift procedure Problem Management: No thinner, no O2, too much O2, cell alert, battery alert, ADV failure, solenoid failure,  Use in semi-closed mode and in pure O2 mode

After the first dive training rebreather20 to the air thinner which gives you access to the acquisition of a machine and its use in the area of 40 meters, you will be able to access the qualifications Hélitrox, Trimix PTH70 and Trimix advanced PTH120 after Have used your qualification recyleur air thinner through a consequent number of dives rebreather20 about fifty hours of diving.

Thereafter, Aquadomia can accompany you for your Diving instructor Dive TRAINING rebreather30!!!


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Pre-requisite for diving rebreather60 air thinner training: PA40 or N3 and advanced Nitrox Specialty

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