Diver Training Level 4 and Divemaster Marseille

Diver training level 4 dive guide and Dive Master SDI

Diver training levelThis combined Level 4 Dive Guide and Dive Master SDI training allows you to exercise your prerogatives anywhere in the world. Thus the two qualifications come together and have the same objective: to be able to guide divers by making them make beautiful dives in complete safety.

The French level 4 allows him to guide dives with 4 divers of which he has full responsibility up to 40 meters. It is also suitable for managing mandatory decompression stops during long dives, all under the supervision of a Divemaster.

The Dive Master can also guide dives up to 40 meters, but without decompression. So he has to stay within the safety curve. That is to say, according to the American RSTC standards, with a reduced responsibility for guidance since the divers he supervises (8 maximum) are themselves in autonomy per pair. Moreover the Dive Master can be a Divemaster, he does not need a person to supervise him.

The respective content of each training is adapted to its slightly different prerogatives. By choosing to combine the two courses, you make the best choice by allowing you to practice in France – voluntarily – and abroad with a professional diploma that allows you to be paid.

This combined training can be carried out over two weeks/10 days of training for an experienced level 3 person (50 dives minimum) and trained in deep diving, swimming with palm and theory through e-learning.

The Dive Master SDI and Level 4 combined training comprises 3 practical, physical and theoretical components.

Practical preparation for level 4 and Divemaster training

Preparation for the following tests: an evaluation of your ability to guide divers with a guiding test up to 40 meters. This test is broken down into a briefing, guidance with reaction to possible emergency situations and a debriefing. A 40-metre waistcoat assisted ascent demonstration event. A 20-metre exhalation swim. 800 metres of swimming with mask, snorkel and flippers non-stop in less than 15 to 17 minutes.
400 metres swim to the surface, without the use of swimming aids, in less than 10 minutes; goggles allowed.
Demonstrate a satisfactory full rescue scenario.
Perform underwater demonstrations with and without a mask.

Physical preparation for level 4 diver and Divemaster training

In the water, tow another equipped diver at a fast pace for 4 minutes.
Resurface a diver, simulating a loss of consciousness, for 6 meters and tow it on 100 meters in less than 4 minutes. 800 meters at the palm, 500 meters with all the equipment bottle included, rescue model consisting of swimming 100 meters then make a dynamic apnea of 20 seconds, then fetch a mannequin and tow it on 100 meters, and finally a apnea 10 meters from Depth.

Theoretical preparation for level 4 and Divemaster training

To be done before arriving by personal study, which involves the study of physiology, physics, accidents, decompression, regulation and equipment. This will be completed on the spot if necessary by mini course.

You are also studying the SDI Standards and Procedures, the History of SDI. You respect the Code of Ethics and professionalism of an SDI Divemaster, Liability and Insurance, Risk Management. You will also learn how to fill out an accident report.

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