Training/Course Diving Level 3-diving internship N3 Marseille

Training Level 3 Diving Marseille

With the diving course Level 3 in Marseille, you will learn in a scuba diving course accelerated the techniques and behaviors necessary to allow you to access the diving N3, ie the autonomy all depth up to 60 meters with one or Two more level 3 divers at a minimum. No more diving manager or scuba diving instructor and you can then evolve to very important depths, up to 60 meters!

You validate during your dive training stage 3 your abilities PA60 (scuba diver at 60 meters) with your dive instructor.

The best way to train at level 3 is to start with a lot of experience, especially in autonomy and also in depth, with for example a diving training Rescue Diver Ideally complemented by four to five specialty modules including the deep specialty or PA40 (Scuba diver at 40 meters) to total a minimum of 40 dives, then to follow a training course scuba diving Level 3 that can be done from 4 days according to your skills and experiences. You will learn gradually in small modules, which gives you the advantage of a flexible and progressive formula! In order to access this level, you will also need to have followed a module EFR or RIFA First aid With your dive instructor.

During the dive training N3 in Marseille you will learn to manage deep dives with decompression by having to manage both the journey, the air supply and the decompression. You will also learn to ensure safety in case of incidents, by learning to transfer in great depth your know-how to assist a diver experiencing difficulties such as narco, shortness of breath...

The N3 then allows you to follow all the technical deep dive trainings so-called TEK diving with the different courses of TDI : Diving rebreather, Diving trimix...

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