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Dive Master: A dive master training that can change your life.

Become a recreational dive professional, dive Master PADI Yes SDI !

You happens to want to share your passion for diving and to go to exotic destinations to accompany divers to discover the wonders underwater? Don't you dream of practicing your passion while earning your living?

With the Padi or SDI Dive Master training, you can access the first professional level. During PADI dive Master dive Courses, you will learn to coach divers, to set up security, to complete the mapping of a site, and to assist an instructor. To obtain the Dive master certification, depending on your experience which must include at least 40 dives (60 for certification), you will devote a minimum of 6 to 8 days to your dive master Padi or Sdi training. Caution think carefully about your personal theoretical and physical preparation before you come to dive Master dive Training Internship!

At the end of this dive master Padi or SDI training, you will be able to work abroad thanks to your dive master certification, the most requested certification in the recreational diving industry.

How far will you go?

Content of the Divemaster training:

In theory, you will study with PADI Dive Master supplies by carrying out your personal study:



Diving equipment

Decompression theory

Diving Techniques and environment

Programs allowed at Divemaster

Management of patented divers

Student Coaching

This will be evaluated during a review during your Padi Dive Master course. This exam lasts about 3 hours in the form of a quiz to which you must obtain a minimum of 75% good answers.

In technical and fitness Dive Master, you will be evaluated in timing on

400 m swimming

Levitation 15 minutes ago

Swimming from 800 m to p.m. T

Towing an inert diver on 100 m

During your internship and your dive Master courses, you will also be evaluated on the rescue on the exit of an unconscious diver who does not ventilate which you must provide the insuflations from the surface according to the PADI standards methodology of the rescue diver.

Realization during the dive Master stage of an underwater cartography thanks to an instrument recognition, to enable you to serve as a support for a FUTUTR briefing to diving clients.

Exchange of equipment with a binomial

Authorized program organization at Divemaster: snorkelling, skin diver, discover local diving or scuba review

Training course for divers in open water formation.

1. Assembly, adjustment, preparation, installation, and dismantling of the equipment

2. Pre-Dive control (BALLO)

3. Deep Water release

4. Zero buoyancy on the surface

5. Exchange snorkel/regulator and pressure reducer/snorkel

6. Five-point descent

7. Recovering and purging the regulator

8. Remove, replace and empty the mask

9. Combined exercise of air failure and use of the emergency air source in static

10. Breathe on a continuous flow regulator

11. Pivot on Fins (zero buoyancy)

12. Up to five Points

13. Remove and replace the surface ballast

14. Controlled Emergency lift (RUC)

15. Diver (zero buoyancy) motionless

16. Swim Underwater without a mask

17. Remove and replace ballast under water

18. Remove and replace the scuba under water

19. Remove and replace the scuba on the surface

20. Tip Exchange, static and on the move

Supervised scuba diving training course with briefing, guidance, logistic support...

This Dive Master training can go very quickly if you are perfectly prepared and if you measure well what to pass on the other side of the fence implies in terms of preparation and role model in the service of customers. The dive Master course will necessarily be longer if you have not yet freed yourself from some personal diving problems and you are not yet ready and willing to put yourself in the service of others.

Being a dive Master's professional dive guide is primarily a role model... This training is very rewarding and opens up new Horizons, passing the first frontier of professionalism. It's your turn to play! By associating this training with a level 4 of the French diving school, much more demanding in technical exercies, in physical conditions and in depth, you will really demonstrate your expertise in the two largest diving organizations in the world .

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How far will you go?

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