Becoming a diving instructor is a dream for many, but few people realize.

Becoming an instructor or becoming a diving guide is an opportunity to share your passion by learning a degree of ultimate mastery. Whether to become a diving professional or to use this dive instructor qualification punctually, following the training of scuba instructor is always a more rewarding.

Become a dive instructor: magical and difficult!

The job of diving instructor is magical and difficult. Magical because the diving instructor or diving guide breathes confidence, safety, cold blood, ability to react and adapt to all situations. Difficult because, confronted with the external elements and the multiple effects of the presion, a diving instructor must have a physical resistance allowing him to hold in time, properly managing his hygiene of life and his sleep rhythms.

Become a monitor: to work or have the card?

Why becomes a diving instructor? This may be to do his job, but also often to have the card in case! And that's a great idea. Having a diving instructor card in your Pocket allows you to approach certain situations more serenely as a loss of employment, allowing you to take a break of a few times to oxygenate you and fulfill your dream poncuso!

Become a mono or guide: how to do it?

Training to become a diving guide or instructor is done in a few weeks, but before that requires a solid foundation. To consider becoming a diving Guide, you need a qualification of Level 3 or Rescue Diver, and have totaled fifty dives. You can then undergo a Divemaster or level 4 training if you have prepared upstream in physical preparation and in theory. Do you have a level 2 and a total of 50 dives? Choose our training level 3 and Divemaster in two weeks!

Are you already a Divemaster or level 4 and want to become an OWSI SDI instructor? Engage in our training in two weeks to become OWSI SDI international diving instructor !

You are level 2 or more in associative Club and would like to lend a helping hand to the coaching? Choose the voice of the training Ffessm initiator !

Become an instructor or diving Guide by being a beginner?

Aquadomia offers intensive internships on one or several months for inexperienced divers who wish to become a diving guide or instructor: find all our offers here:

Go further: become a TEK instructor!

Want to go even further? Engage in the TEK dive niche market by becoming a TEK instructor TDI




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