Diving Coaching. For diving instructor training, Aquadomia.com develops a customized modular training scuba diving offer under the dive and coaching Biotekdive label!Diving CoachingThese fully customizable dive coaching modules, composed of an American training/French training mix and combining the contributions of Tek diving and the environmental approach, make it possible to progress quickly and efficiently towards the Diving Instructor Training with the Double skills biology and diving Tek.

For an experienced Level 1 diver, Six two-week modules Depending on their skills and experiences, may be able to become an international diving instructor OWSI SDI and CMAS1 * as well as Tek TDI Nitrox Dive Monitor.  These qualifications allow us to work voluntarily in Françe and to be a candidate for Dejeps in Creps, and to practice professionally around the world.

The modules Dive and Coaching Biotekdive Consruits to measure according to your profile and your expectations allow to acquire a very wide range of skills very useful to your future life of framing diving. Because diving is not confined to stereotypical and standardized activities and the possibilities of practices are very extensive, Aquadomia.com offers you its know-how recognized to offer you the best training most suited to your goals.

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